Welcome to Athenese Therapeutics. We are committed to applying innovative technologies for the detection, diagnosis, cure and convalescence against diseases that afflict millions of women around the world. Our primary focus are cancers that impact women's lives. We also provide up-to-date comprehensive information pertaining to these cancers and their treatment in an readily accessible format in order for patients and their families have the necessary knowledge to make informed decisions with their doctors.


Athenese physicians treat cancer patients and conduct FDA-sponsored clinical trials to identify new and efficacious cancer drugs. Our research scientists have decades of experience in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. They are currently exploring novel methods to discover and develop new drugs which have the potential to alleviate the devastating effects caused by cancer.


Athenese clinical advisors are experts in the field of cancer treatment. These physicians offer critical guidance in our research endeavors so that the primary endpoint of our work is patient treatment and care. The close interactions of researchers, physicians and clinical advisors ensures the growth of Athenese and its ability to achieve the Company's focused goals. We are based in San Diego, California.
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