Drug Research:


Richard and Pani are working on modifying this page. The Company's drug discovery platform employs state-of-the-art technologies to select chemical compounds that will undergo further extensive laboratory testing to determine their effects against these forms of cancers. These technologies are the foundation of our drug discovery programs.


Drug Discovery


Drug Discovery is the process by which drugs that are used to treat diseases are discovered or designed through biomedical research activities. In cancer, this process involves identifying certain proteins or other cellular components (called 'targets') which are thought to be key players in either the cause of a disease or else how the disease spreads, then finding a chemical compound that can affect the protein's activity so that it no longer can exert its deleterious effects on the individual.


Two common technologies that are often used to identify chemicals that interact with proteins are high throughput screening (HTS) in which a large number of chemicals are tested using robotics and rational drug design which uses computer-generated modeling to depict a 3-D picture of a potential drug's interactions with its protein target. Following extensive testing of the chemical in a variety of diverse biological assays to determine its therapeutic value, the chemical compound enters the phase of drug development prior to carrying out clinical trials.


Drug Development


In collaboration with our strategic partners, Athenese will progress compounds identified in the Company's labs to the later stages of development before testing is carried out in clinical trials. We will be establishing collaborations with pharmaceutical companies to carry these drugs forward to humans.
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