Athenese Therapeutics main focus is diseases that affect women around the world, with an emphasis on cancer. Our goal is the alleviation of the pain and suffering caused by these diseases so that every woman has access to information, diagnosis, and treatment. To this end, our strategy consists of a three-pronged approach that includes diagnostic services, research and development, and a comprehensive awareness program.


Diagnostics: Looking to exploit the recent advances in technology that have resulted in the development of diagnostic tests, Athenese will be setting up a clinical laboratory that will offer sample testing for various types of women's cancers. These advanced tests can identify cancer cells are present in the body even before conventional tests such as mammograms are carried out. Diagnostic tests will also be available to help the physician determine the stage of the disease which will be instrumental in choosing the most effective course of therapy. We have partnered with a POC diagnostic company, CTK Biotech, in San Diego. We are in the process of selecting a partner to establish molecular diagnostic tests in our labs. We will solicit oncologists and pharmaceutical companies that are engaged in clinical trials for samples and conduct sample testing, thereby generating revenues from these services.


R&D: In collaboration with researchers at the University of Arizona Cancer Center, the National Cancer Institute (, and SRI International, Bio sciences and CADRE Divisions (, Athenese scientists will be conducting research to identify and develop anti-cancer compounds that may be used in combination therapy. We intend to progress the drug leads up to Phase I clinical trials by ourselves and will seek pharmaceutical partners to carry out the rest of the trials and as well marketing. We anticipate this arm of our three-pronged strategy will generate long-term revenues.


Disease Information: To ensure patients and their families have access to the most up-to-date information on women's cancer's and relevant topics related to these cancers, we have set up a 'Comprehensive Awareness Program' (CAP) which aims to collect and disseminate critical information which will be helpful in understanding the specific disease, the treatments currently available, and the convalescence offered. We will populate the Breast Cancer Database first, followed by ovarian, uterus, cervical, and other diseases. This database will be continually updated so that the most recent data are included. We will solicit funding for the upkeep of the database from sponsors and make the information available free through the Athenese website.


All three arms of this strategy will work in concert so that maximum benefit to the patient can be achieved through the realization of Athenese's goals.
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